Gaming Stations

Grand Forks Public now offers two gaming stations for teens. Each station is equipped with an Xbox One and a PS4. 

In order to use the gaming stations, teens need to present their GFP_ library card and check out a controller from the front desk staff. 


What games are available?
There are a bunch of options available that are preloaded or are able to be downloaded via Xbox Game Pass and Playstation Now. Only games rated E-Teen are allowed.  

What ages can play?
Unless there are programs targeting all ages or adults, the gaming stations are intended for teens only. 

How many people can play at once?
Each station is able to have four players at once. 

Do you reserve the space in advance or just show up?
As of right now, teens can simply show up to play. The gaming stations are available during open hours up until ten minutes to closing. 

Is there a time limit?
Patrons are allowed up to two hours of gaming at a time. 

Are there any other rules to be aware of?
We expect those who use the gaming stations to be courteous (no rough-housing, shouting, swearing, or any aggressive behavior).