In 2021 Grand Forks Public received an Ezra Jack Keats grant to develop a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) cart to be available to patrons in the Children’s Department. 

STEAM CartLessons for over 35 Science and Art activities are available with all the materials provided. Patrons choose a project from the Keats binder and ask staff for the instructions and materials. There are some simple elementary DIY choices, and some for Middle School and Teen/Adult-level designs.

Although the cart is designed for children to do with a parent or caregiver, staff have been trained to help with the more difficult models. The objectives are to learn a little and build something to take home.

Some examples of STEAM Cart projects include:

  • A Planet Mask comes with four facts that are shared with others, who guess the name of the planet. 
  • There is a primary level watercolor picture of the new James Webb Telescope as well as a high school/adult model to build. 
  • Watch one of the first examples of moving pictures in a mirror with a homemade Phenakistascope.
  • Learn about the Sun with art doing the: Sun’s Corona and the Sun, Our Star, and about our solar system with Art and the Cosmic Connection and the Pinwheel Galaxy.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of Physics with the Rocket Pinwheel and Aeronautics with a Ring Wing model. 
  • There are a few kits that are meant to be used only at the library, including a wood Tangram Set with patterns, an Osmo game, and Keva Planks for Engineering. 

New projects will be continually added, and we welcome your feedback. 

To get started, simply stop by the Children's Department, pick a project to try, and ask library staff for the instructions and materials.