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Grand Forks Public Friends Bring Art Gallery to the Library

A new art installation hanging system is helping to truly turn Grand Forks Public into a “playground for curious minds.” The Grand Forks Public Friends-sponsored equipment, along with additional gallery display cases, will allow the library to feature the work of local artists on a rotating basis. 

On Sunday, April 7, the library will host its first exhibit opening, with a 2 p.m. reception celebrating the work of Grand Forks mixed media artist Becca Cruger. The library has already been contacted by several local artists about future exhibit possibilities, promising no shortage of new work to display.

“We knew we wanted art on this wall – its place in the library lends itself so well to displaying art,” said Marketing Director Nicole Smestad. “As we rebranded and started looking at things through our new values, it was clear we had a perfect opportunity to showcase our community and the talents it holds.”

“We're excited because the library's art gallery is a non-imposing place for people to discover they're art lovers,” said Friends President Debbie McLennan. “All will be welcomed to see the world through another's creativity.”

The gallery will host new and emerging artists on a three-month rotation and can display both flat and 3D works. The flexibility of the space allows the library to host a single artist with many pieces or multiple artists at once.

The hanging system is just one piece of the Friends’ focus area for 2019 – Arts in the Library. The Friends pledged at least $1,500 at the beginning of the year to support library initiatives that showcase local artists and evoke imagination in all patrons. 

Grand Forks Public Friends board members and volunteers will work with library staff throughout the year to organize arts-related opportunities for all ages, including painting nights, flower arranging, theater ticket giveaways and much more. 

“The Friends are thrilled about how enthusiastically our Arts in the Library focus has been received this year,” McLennan said. “We have had waiting lists for the three classes we have put on so far with this initiative, and we expect the art gallery to be just as popular.”

About Grand Forks Public Friends

The Grand Forks Public Friends (formerly the Friends of the Grand Forks Public Library) are a group of community members that help to expand, enhance and promote the offerings of the library. The Friends raise funds that are used to supplement the library budget for programming, staff enrichment and other activities that engage people who value the library.