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Financial Resources
 smartaboutmoney.jpg Smart About Money
Read practical articles and use financial calculators, worksheets, money-saving tips, and other valuable resources to help you make smart decisions with your money. SAM offers materials for people at various stages in life and financial situations.
 onyourown.jpg  On Your Own
Everyone has something they wish they would have known when they were younger. When young adults are just starting out, they make decisions based on their limited knowledge of the world. But what if they had a little help? The On Your Own blog features practical information alongside profiles of real people facing real issues as they enter adulthood.
 spendster.jpg  Spendster
Send learners to Spendster for a laugh and leave them with serious thoughts about money management. This site allows uses of all ages and financial backgrounds to share video confessions and stories of impulse buying, overspending, or just plain wasting money.
 mrp.jpg  My Retirement Paycheck
Encourage those around you to make smart decisions about retirement. Whether they've saved a lot or a little, individuals considering retirement can get help here to make decisions based on the assets they have.
 hsfpp.jpg  High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP)
For more than 30 years, teachers have used this turnkey financial literacy program to equip their students grades 8-12 with basic personal finance skills that prepare them for financial independence. The HSFPP offers curricula that meet the education standards in all 50 states.
 nefe.jpg  Financial Workshop Kits
Find printable scripts and teaching plans containing handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and related resources for a variety of personal finance-related topics. The website prepares you to easily educate adult learners in a variety of group settings.
 nefe.jpg  Financial Education Evaluation Toolkit
Discover how effective your financial education program is with NEFE's evaluation toolkit. This online resource helps you apply evaluation techniques to your programs by documenting learner impact.
 cashcourse.jpg  CashCourse
Help your college students build money management skills, survive in a tough economy, and prepare for success with the interactive CashCourse website. Not affiliated with a university or college or transitioning out of high school? We have resources for you, too.
Research Funding
Learn more about NENE's research funding for exploratory projects on personal finance and financial behaviors, and catch up on what we've been funding lately.

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